Membership to the Boyup Brook Golf Club
Membership form
Membership Privileges

Membership of the Boyup Brook Golf Club allows members to:

  • Access to the Golf Course every day of the week other than when a closed event is being played
  • To play on Club days
  • May accept invitations to play on other golf courses in competitions once a handicap is achieved
  • To access the bar area if over 18 years of age
  • To participate in any social event organised by the Boyup Brook Golf Club
  • Ladies Day is:  ... Thursday starting 11.00am
  •                       ...Saturday starting 12.00 noon
  • Men’s Day is Saturday starting 12.00 noon

 Membership Categories

 Nomination Fee
….. $ 5.00

 Ordinary Members ….. $ 155.00 

An Ordinary member is any person eighteen years of age and over who on election and payment of entrance fee and subscription is entitled to all the privileges of the Club

Country Member/Concession 

Any person whose usual place of residence is more than 35 kilometres distant from the Club House and who is not resident of the Boyup Brook Shire 

Junior Member ….. $35.00

Any person who is under the age of eighteen years. A Junior Member shall have no voice in the Management of the Club and shall be subject to such other restrictions and condition as the Committee may from time to time impose  

Non-Playing Member ….. $25.00  

Any person who has previously been an Ordinary Member of the Club but who has retired from active participation in the sport

Tertiary Student Members ..... $55.00

Any person who is a full-time tertiary student and is normally resident in the Boyup Brook Shire during student vacations. A Tertiary Student Member has the rights and restrictions of an Ordinary Member provided that the person is at least eighteen years of age.






Constitution of the Boyup Brook Golf Club