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In the Beginning…..

Brancaster Golf Club Score Card


The first beginnings of a golf course in Boyup Brook District was created on the Whistler’s property, Brancaster, around 1912. The wool shed was the clubhouse, some fairways crossed creeks and doglegged around the dams

Brancaster Golf Score Card Mrs P. D. Forrest

Brancaster Golf Score Card

Brancaster Golf Score Card inside


Soon after the establishing of golf at "Brancaster", another 9-hole course was laid out at "Bayndup", the property of the "Beatty Bros."

The late George Thichener of Kulikup played a large part in the planning  and formation of this as a Golf Club.


Other players at Bayndup in those early days included Howard, Walter, Jack and Youle Beatty and their Families, Eric Norton,

Tommy Walker and JIll Glasson. Earl Smith and his wife Eveline also played there, and later on Steve and Mrs. Gibbs, Isobel and Bob Mc Kenzie

Dinah and Cronje Drummond, Pauline and Rupert {later Lord} Byron and Beulah and Alan Brown.


After some years Bayndup closed down as a golf Club, and the members formed a new one on public reserve land west of the Old Dinninup School.

This was then known as the Dinninup Club, and with Boyup and Brancaster, formed the Upper Blackwood Zone of the Blackwood Districts Golf Association.


Play was suspended during the War, and not resumed afterwards at the Dinninup Club.

Most of the players from there joined Brancaster.

Boyup Brook

In 1929 Boyup Brook had a 9 hole course which was laid down on Mr E A Proctor’s farm close to the townsite.  Brancaster, Dinninup and Boyup Brook formed the Blackwood Association.

 Boyup Brook Golf Club Card 1931

Upper Blackwood Golf Club

In 1952 there was a move to amalgamate the clubs and form an eighteen hole club called the Upper Blackwood Golf Club.  The land was purchased from Mrs Janet Purse and the course architects were Mr Bruce Wallace and Mr Pat Glynn. The Upper Blackwood Golf Club opening took place on 8th August 1954. Later in 1971 it was renamed the Boyup Brook Golf Club,

Upper Blackwood Score Card 1
Upper Blackwood Men's Score Card 1962  Upper Blackwood Golf Club Ladies Score Card 1950's
Upper Blackwood Golf Club Ladies Score Card  
 Boyup Brook Golf Club Score Card (formerly Upper Blackwood Golf Club)  Boyup Brook Golf Score Card inside
 Boyup Brook Golf Club Score Card  Boyup Brook Golf Club current score card